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The Customer Experience Pyramid

CX Pyramid2

Over on Experience: The Blog, Augie Ray writes that most customer experience initiatives fail because companies view them “as a program and not a purpose—something to be assigned to a couple of employees while the rest of the company goes about its business improving efficiency, acquisition and margins.” He argues that customer experience management often falls short of expectations because it is backwards-looking, reactive, tactical, narrow, and self-interested.

By contrast, companies that are masters of the customer experience are the exact opposite. Augie uses the Customer Experience (CX) Pyramid as a framework for understanding how CX masters provide for and anticipate their customers’ needs. He uses Amazon and Uber to provide concrete examples of what each floor of the CX Pyramid looks like being practiced in the real work by successful companies.

Take a few minutes today to read The CX Pyramid: Why Most Customer Experiences Efforts Fail. We think you’ll be glad you did.