A recent piece by Digiday sought to uncover what (ostensibly) smart, savvy business professionals knew about marketing cloud applications. According to Digiday,

We sent our video producer to the Hudson Square neighborhood of New York City–home of such venerable ad agencies as Edelman Digital, Kirshenbaum Bond Senecal + Partners and Havas–to find out if the food truck crowd knew just what the cloud is and how the marketing cloud fits into it.

As it turns out, the people they talked to are just as confused as everyone else, so Digiday and one of their sponsors created WTF is the Marketing Cloud, a thorough and informative 29-page read that explains the history/evolution of The Cloud and its more recent iterations.

You can download the PDF for free and spend the rest of afternoon reading, or you can buy us a drink and let us tell you about it. (And the time we hung out with Donal Logue on a movie set or the time we met the Kalashnikov girls in Vegas.)

Which one sounds more fun? (HINT: We’re partial to bourbon.)